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Will I Ever Conquer Sentence Structure? 27/12/2010

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So as the title suggests, I’ve been struggling hardcore with understanding Korean sentence structure. I’ve been practicing my reading with articles from Yahoo!Korea and just looking at my translation, I have no idea how that forms a correct sentence. I understand that their structure goes “subject-object-verb” and the examples given are usually like this: “In English, it is subject-verb-object. You would say “Billy throws the ball”. In Korean, its subject-object-verb so you would say “Billy ball throws”.” And that is simple enough to understand, but what about when the sentence is more complex than that? I started to translate an article from Yahoo!Korea and this is what the sentence in Korean looked like:

“올해 마지막  언휴이자 극장가  대목인 크리스마스  시즌  다영  한  장르의 영화가  박빙의 대결을  펼쳤다.”

Translated (by me) word for word, it looks like this:

“year last holidays cinemas daemokin Christmas season, variety a genre movies fiercely confrontation unfolded.”

When I translated the Korean to English using GoogleChrome’s built in page translator, it gave me this for the actual sentence:

“Daemokin Cinemas last year and the Christmas holiday season, a variety of movies to fiercely battle unfolded.”

…a little more clear but not completely. This is a good example of a more complex sentence as far as structure. Im guessing “Daemokin Cinemas” is the subject,”a variety of movies” is the object and”unfolded” is the verb. I dunno, I guess that DOES make sense now lol. I don’t know how I will be able to internalize that to form sentences during conversations :/

Some days I feel that the furthest my Korean will expand is that I will be able to read newspapers in Korean (with a dictionary at first and maybe eventually, without) and write Korean but my understanding and speech will not be developed enough. And that is a scary thought :/ I guess I just need to stay positive and keep studying!


The Verdict on “ChocoBoy” and “Korebap” 26/12/2010

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I opened up my presents to myself (hee hee) and I tried some of the Choco Boy and the Korebap crackers that I blogged about a few days ago. The Choco Boys are wicked good- just a thin cookie, or “biscuit”, with a big hunk of chocolate on the end. The Korebap crackers were…interesting, to say the least. To my relief they didn’t taste fishy, but I don’t know what exactly they did taste like. I know they are made with seaweed and I’ve never had seaweed before so maybe that was the taste. Overall, they aren’t bad and the inside of the box contains cute colored comics in Korean (which I can’t read quite yet but yay for more reading material 😛 ). And the crackers are in the shape of sea animals 🙂 There are squids, turtles, sharks, crabs and fish 🙂 Sooo cute! ***For some reason, I can’t upload the pic I took of the actual Choco Boy cookies but they look the same as they do on the package (from 2 posts ago). Pics of the other ones:

Inside packaging of Choco Boy 🙂

Look how cute the Korebap crackers are!

Inside top of the Korebap carton; Small pic but the cartoon is so cute ^_^

Bottom inside of the carton cartoon; Sorry the lighting and size are bad


메리 크리스마스! 25/12/2010

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Ok so it just turned Christmas 23 minutes ago in the Eastern time zone, but its Christmas anyway 🙂 I’m looking forward to spending time with family and going out to eat at the best Chinese restaurant (Yes…Chinese, and not Korean, food. My family is a little pickier about food than I am, but this “Chinese” food is amaaaaaaazing anyway).

Got an email from Netflix today saying I should be receiving my next disc of “Be Strong, Geum-soon!” volume 1 on Monday, which is sooner than expected, so yay 🙂 Disc one leaves in the middle of a really exciting plot so I can’t wait!

I really want to order off from G-Market but their website is so difficult for me to navigate. Even with the English version, all the listings are in Korean which would be great if my Korean was just a liiiiiiittle bit better.  I wish I could use the Singapore site, which is all in English, but I can’t 😦 Maybe once I become more proficient, I will get a gmarket haul as a reward for myself 🙂

Anyway, I should be getting to bed so I’m well rested for today’s festivities 🙂 Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and 메리 크리스마스 to all!



Korean Store Haul and Korean Conversation! 24/12/2010

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I went on another Kancho and snacks run and ended up actually (semi) conversing with the store owner! As I entered, I said “안녕하셔요!” and at first, he said “hello” in English. After he heard me greet him in Korean, he did the same. As I brought my purchases to the counter, he rang them in and told me the total…IN KOREAN! I couldn’t believe he was conversing with me as if I knew Korean! I handed him the money, said “감사함니다” to which he said the same. I then said “안녀ㅇ히겨세요!”, he said “안녕히가세요!” plus a couple other things I didn’t understand. I smiled, bowed and said “안녕히겨세요” again and left, elated inside that I had just endured my first Korean conversation 🙂 So much fun. I’m definitely going to brush up on other phrases for next time to have a real conversation. I wanted to ask “어꽇게지내세요?” (How are you?) but I was afraid that he would start saying a bunch of things I didn’t understand. Next time… lol. I’ll have to practice “Sorry, I don’t understand what that means”…just in case 😛

Now for the haul! Not a *huge* haul, mind you, because this is a very small, privately owned convenience store.  But I love their snacks 🙂 On that note, I need to visit an H-Mart. There is one in my state but its almost 2 hours away :/ I could order online and its only $9 for shipping up to $150 which is a fair price but I really want to see the inside of one so I might make that trip after the holidays, for a proper haul 😛 Here is my mini-haul from today!

Choco boy! These look good 🙂

Korebap Crackers. Not entirely sure what these are...

Close up of the flavor of the Korebap crackers. I tried translating but I still can't tell :/

Yummy Kancho again 🙂








So the ingredients on the Korebap (고래밥) cracker box say they have seaweed in them but there is a picture (the 3rd pic posted above) that shows a dinner plate with veggies and a piece of meat, so I am assuming these have a meat flavor. Trouble is, I can’t tell what it is. I tried translating “볶음양념맛” and I keep getting “flavored roasted seasoning” which doesn’t help too  much 😛 If anyone is reading this and knows what that says, please tell me! I tried googling the product and all I can find is seaweed flavored, shrimp, and chicken flavored and none of them look like that.

I won’t actually be finding out what these taste like until December because I bought them as Christmas gifts to myself so they are wrapped and under my tree. I will definitely report back then!



Boys Before Flowers 23/12/2010

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Can’t sleep. Starting on a new K-drama, since I am (EAGERLY) awaiting the arrival of my next disc of “Be Strong, Geum-Soon” and I have decided on “Boys Before Flowers”. Hoping I enjoy it, since I hear a lot of good things about it 🙂 Gotta get to sleep soon though because I have a busy day of shopping tomorrow 🙂


♥ Navar!

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Best online dictionary evarrrr. I still need to get a good paper dictionary (returning the crappy one I just bought, tomorrow), but for right now, Navar fits all my needs 🙂 Its a little frustrating when a word isn’t definable by Navar, probably because its a part of speech that is implied, or something. Still rusty on my grammar rules.

Still struggling with reading :/ At least I finally feel like I know the pronunciations of all the Hangul letters now, which is an accomplishment. Plus, I know where they all are on my keyboard; something I thought I would have to buy the Hangul keyboard stickers for. I guess enough trial and error was what I needed to learn them, and that gives me hope that with enough trial and error in my Korean journey in general, I will master this language someday 🙂

Oh, looking forward to a small Kancho haul tomorrow 🙂 They also have these weird shaped (like squiggly) crackers at the Korean market that look like they are garlic flavored. I will probably be picking up a box of those and reviewing them. Yay for Korean snacks 🙂 Also, I will have another chance to practice my basic Korean with real life people! Always exciting (and slightly terrifying).


Blah… 22/12/2010

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Haven’t been practicing my Korean that much, with the holidays coming up and all. I still have a couple episodes of my 6-episode disc of “Be Strong, Geum-soon” to finish before I send it back to Netflix. The other discs in the series aren’t ready to be sent out yet, which is why I’m taking my time watching this one.

Bought a Korean-English dictionary from B&N yesterday and it sucks so bad. Its a pocket dictionary and most words I’ve looked up thus far are not in it. Plus, the Korean side is alphabetized by the romanizations and it makes it all the more difficult, since some most words in Korean are not so easy to sound out. I think I’m returning it tomorrow and ordering a decent one online.

Still struggling through that children’s book I borrowed from the library. I’m learning more about the word order and sentence structure while doing it though, so thats good.

It’s so difficult to cope with the fact that I will have a BASIC grip on the Korean language in 2-3 yrs, at best. I want to be fluent now :/ lol. At least its really fun to learn though and I have actual plans to visit and maybe work (as an English teacher) in Korea in the near future, which is exciting 🙂

안녕히 주무세요! (Good night!)