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My Journey to Korean Language Fluency- Day 1 15/12/2010

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Ok well maybe that title is a bit misleading, as this isn’t really my first day, just my first day blogging as such. But all semantics aside, I will be using this blog to talk about my journey to achieve complete mastery of the beautiful Korean language, through online sites, watching many Korean movies and tv dramas, listening to Korean music and podcasts and reading as much Hangul as I can πŸ™‚

Eventually this blog will be mostly in Korean. I can’t wait until that day πŸ˜› As for now, its in English with bits of Korean scattered throughout.

Right before I started up this blog, at 2 am in the morning, I was about to watch an excellent Korean horror movie, called “Bunshinsaba” ( 뢄신사바 ) . I highly recommend this movie, as I do a bunch of other Korean horror movies. I’m a bit of a foreign movie buff lol. That shall be my next entry, I think- making a list of all the great Korean media that I am using to study Korean.

This is the poster for the movie 뢄신사λ°₯

This is the poster for the movie 뢄신사λ°₯

But right now, 뢄신사바 is calling me πŸ™‚

μ•ˆλ…•νžˆκ°€ μ„Έ μš”!


Trailer of Bunshinsaba, if interested :