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Shannon Cooks Korean Too :) 19/12/2010

This page will serve as a gallery of my finished Korean dishes. Enjoy 🙂


Spicy Beef and Noodles (yes, its Ramen)

Spicy Beef and Noodles- Tonight's Dinner















Made Daeji Bulgogi for dinner tonight. It came out pretty good- not nearly as spicy as I thought. I’m gonna be an outcast when I go to Korea though- found out I’m NOT a fan of Kimchi. At first, I thought it was ok but now, just the smell is making me sick. Guess its not surprising though- I dont even like regular cabbage lol. Anyway, here’s 2 pics- One of just the Daeji Bulgogi (with the lettuce wraps) and another of my entire dinner:

Daeji Bulgogi w/ lettuce, rice, kimchi

Daeji Bulgogi


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