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감사합니다! 20/12/2010

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Totally forgot! When I went into the Korean market, I talked to the lady in (my somewhat feeble) Korean! Well I said 안녕하세요 when I entered and after she gave me my change, I said 감사합니다. I think she was a little shocked that I spoke Korean, lol (she spoke perfect English, btw). Can’t wait to brush up on my other phrases for my next “Kancho” run 🙂


Daeji Bulgogi and Cookies!

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So I made the Daeji Bulgogi tonight and it turned out pretty well! I have pictures on my “Shannon Cooks Korean Too” page. Found out I don’t really care for Kimchi. Maybe if I rinse it so the sourness isn’t so strong, I will like it.

I also visited my first Korean Grocery today and I picked up a bottle of 고추장  (kochujang- the spicy chili paste) and I saw a box of Kancho cookies which looked interesting so I picked some up. Here is a picture timeline of my adventure with 칸초(Kancho)

The "Kancho". Isn't it cute?

The equally-cute inner pouch 🙂

The actual product. So cute, as promised ❤

The delicious chocolate center. These didn't last long 😀