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Blah… 22/12/2010

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Haven’t been practicing my Korean that much, with the holidays coming up and all. I still have a couple episodes of my 6-episode disc of “Be Strong, Geum-soon” to finish before I send it back to Netflix. The other discs in the series aren’t ready to be sent out yet, which is why I’m taking my time watching this one.

Bought a Korean-English dictionary from B&N yesterday and it sucks so bad. Its a pocket dictionary and most words I’ve looked up thus far are not in it. Plus, the Korean side is alphabetized by the romanizations and it makes it all the more difficult, since some most words in Korean are not so easy to sound out. I think I’m returning it tomorrow and ordering a decent one online.

Still struggling through that children’s book I borrowed from the library. I’m learning more about the word order and sentence structure while doing it though, so thats good.

It’s so difficult to cope with the fact that I will have a BASIC grip on the Korean language in 2-3 yrs, at best. I want to be fluent now :/ lol. At least its really fun to learn though and I have actual plans to visit and maybe work (as an English teacher) in Korea in the near future, which is exciting 🙂

안녕히 주무세요! (Good night!)


I have goodies :) 16/12/2010

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I just got back from the library with an armful of books and cds. I cleaned them out of all of their Korean language items, haha. I picked up:

  • Pimsleur Basic Korean
  • Colloquial Korean
  • Learn to Write Chinese (to learn Hanja to supplement my Hangul)
  • Teach Me…Korean (A book and CD program for children)
  • “The Rabbit’s Judgement” (Bilingual Korean/English picture book)

I’m psyched to get going! I think I’m going to ask for a English/Korean dictionary for Christmas, along with a few more Korean books. I can get music and movies/TV shows off the internet easy enough, but I like paper books.

Well, I’m off to read 😛  안녕히가세요!