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The Verdict on “ChocoBoy” and “Korebap” 26/12/2010

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I opened up my presents to myself (hee hee) and I tried some of the Choco Boy and the Korebap crackers that I blogged about a few days ago. The Choco Boys are wicked good- just a thin cookie, or “biscuit”, with a big hunk of chocolate on the end. The Korebap crackers were…interesting, to say the least. To my relief they didn’t taste fishy, but I don’t know what exactly they did taste like. I know they are made with seaweed and I’ve never had seaweed before so maybe that was the taste. Overall, they aren’t bad and the inside of the box contains cute colored comics in Korean (which I can’t read quite yet but yay for more reading material πŸ˜› ). And the crackers are in the shape of sea animals πŸ™‚ There are squids, turtles, sharks, crabs and fish πŸ™‚ Sooo cute! ***For some reason, I can’t upload the pic I took of the actual Choco Boy cookies but they look the same as they do on the package (from 2 posts ago). Pics of the other ones:

Inside packaging of Choco Boy πŸ™‚

Look how cute the Korebap crackers are!

Inside top of the Korebap carton; Small pic but the cartoon is so cute ^_^

Bottom inside of the carton cartoon; Sorry the lighting and size are bad


Korean Store Haul and Korean Conversation! 24/12/2010

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I went on another Kancho and snacks run and ended up actually (semi) conversing with the store owner! As I entered, I said “μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ…”μš”!” and at first, he said “hello” in English. After he heard me greet him in Korean, he did the same. As I brought my purchases to the counter, he rang them in and told me the total…IN KOREAN! I couldn’t believe he was conversing with me as if I knew Korean! I handed him the money, said “κ°μ‚¬ν•¨λ‹ˆλ‹€” to which he said the same. I then said “μ•ˆλ…€γ…‡νžˆκ²¨μ„Έμš”!”, he said “μ•ˆλ…•νžˆκ°€μ„Έμš”!” plus a couple other things I didn’t understand. I smiled, bowed and said “μ•ˆλ…•νžˆκ²¨μ„Έμš”” again and left, elated inside that I had just endured my first Korean conversation πŸ™‚ So much fun. I’m definitely going to brush up on other phrases for next time to have a real conversation. I wanted to ask “μ–΄κ½‡κ²Œμ§€λ‚΄μ„Έμš”?” (How are you?) but I was afraid that he would start saying a bunch of things I didn’t understand. Next time… lol. I’ll have to practice “Sorry, I don’t understand what that means”…just in case πŸ˜›

Now for the haul! Not a *huge* haul, mind you, because this is a very small, privately owned convenience store. Β But I love their snacks πŸ™‚ On that note, I need to visit an H-Mart. There is one in my state but its almost 2 hours away :/ I could order online and its only $9 for shipping up to $150 which is a fair price but I really want to see the inside of one so I might make that trip after the holidays, for a proper haul πŸ˜› Here is my mini-haul from today!

Choco boy! These look good πŸ™‚

Korebap Crackers. Not entirely sure what these are...

Close up of the flavor of the Korebap crackers. I tried translating but I still can't tell :/

Yummy Kancho again πŸ™‚








So the ingredients on the Korebap (고래λ°₯) cracker box say they have seaweed in them but there is a picture (the 3rd pic posted above) that shows a dinner plate with veggies and a piece of meat, so I am assuming these have a meat flavor. Trouble is, I can’t tell what it is. I tried translating “λ³ΆμŒμ–‘λ…λ§›” and I keep getting “flavored roasted seasoning” which doesn’t help too Β much πŸ˜› If anyone is reading this and knows what that says, please tell me! I tried googling the product and all I can find is seaweed flavored, shrimp, and chicken flavored and none of them look like that.

I won’t actually be finding out what these taste like until December because I bought them as Christmas gifts to myself so they are wrapped and under my tree. I will definitely report back then!