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Will I Ever Conquer Sentence Structure? 27/12/2010

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So as the title suggests, I’ve been struggling hardcore with understanding Korean sentence structure. I’ve been practicing my reading with articles from Yahoo!Korea and just looking at my translation, I have no idea how that forms a correct sentence. I understand that their structure goes “subject-object-verb” and the examples given are usually like this: “In English, it is subject-verb-object. You would say “Billy throws the ball”. In Korean, its subject-object-verb so you would say “Billy ball throws”.” And that is simple enough to understand, but what about when the sentence is more complex than that? I started to translate an article from Yahoo!Korea and this is what the sentence in Korean looked like:

“올해 마지막  언휴이자 극장가  대목인 크리스마스  시즌  다영  한  장르의 영화가  박빙의 대결을  펼쳤다.”

Translated (by me) word for word, it looks like this:

“year last holidays cinemas daemokin Christmas season, variety a genre movies fiercely confrontation unfolded.”

When I translated the Korean to English using GoogleChrome’s built in page translator, it gave me this for the actual sentence:

“Daemokin Cinemas last year and the Christmas holiday season, a variety of movies to fiercely battle unfolded.”

…a little more clear but not completely. This is a good example of a more complex sentence as far as structure. Im guessing “Daemokin Cinemas” is the subject,”a variety of movies” is the object and”unfolded” is the verb. I dunno, I guess that DOES make sense now lol. I don’t know how I will be able to internalize that to form sentences during conversations :/

Some days I feel that the furthest my Korean will expand is that I will be able to read newspapers in Korean (with a dictionary at first and maybe eventually, without) and write Korean but my understanding and speech will not be developed enough. And that is a scary thought :/ I guess I just need to stay positive and keep studying!