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Daeji Bulgogi and Cookies! 20/12/2010

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So I made the Daeji Bulgogi tonight and it turned out pretty well! I have pictures on my “Shannon Cooks Korean Too” page. Found out I don’t really care for Kimchi. Maybe if I rinse it so the sourness isn’t so strong, I will like it.

I also visited my first Korean Grocery today and I picked up a bottle of 고추장  (kochujang- the spicy chili paste) and I saw a box of Kancho cookies which looked interesting so I picked some up. Here is a picture timeline of my adventure with 칸초(Kancho)

The "Kancho". Isn't it cute?

The equally-cute inner pouch 🙂

The actual product. So cute, as promised ❤

The delicious chocolate center. These didn't last long 😀


One Response to “Daeji Bulgogi and Cookies!”

  1. Carina Says:

    Hi! I like kancho too! I used to pick them up at the Asian market when I lived in Seattle. Currently, I live in Japan and it turns out that in Japanese “kancho” is a disgusting kind of practical joke (if you want to know the details, look it up online)… also, it means “enema” in Japanese. When I brought a box to Japan and showed my Japanese friends they found it incredibly hilarious and thought that the unhappy looking guy on the left side of the box was an obvious reference to the Japanese meaning of “kancho”… I’m not so sure myself. Do you know what “Kancho” means in Korean? I really want to know so I can set it straight with my Japanese friends, since I really doubt this cute snack is named after the Japanese word…

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