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♥ Navar! 23/12/2010

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Best online dictionary evarrrr. I still need to get a good paper dictionary (returning the crappy one I just bought, tomorrow), but for right now, Navar fits all my needs 🙂 Its a little frustrating when a word isn’t definable by Navar, probably because its a part of speech that is implied, or something. Still rusty on my grammar rules.

Still struggling with reading :/ At least I finally feel like I know the pronunciations of all the Hangul letters now, which is an accomplishment. Plus, I know where they all are on my keyboard; something I thought I would have to buy the Hangul keyboard stickers for. I guess enough trial and error was what I needed to learn them, and that gives me hope that with enough trial and error in my Korean journey in general, I will master this language someday 🙂

Oh, looking forward to a small Kancho haul tomorrow 🙂 They also have these weird shaped (like squiggly) crackers at the Korean market that look like they are garlic flavored. I will probably be picking up a box of those and reviewing them. Yay for Korean snacks 🙂 Also, I will have another chance to practice my basic Korean with real life people! Always exciting (and slightly terrifying).


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