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Blah… 22/12/2010

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Haven’t been practicing my Korean that much, with the holidays coming up and all. I still have a couple episodes of my 6-episode disc of “Be Strong, Geum-soon” to finish before I send it back to Netflix. The other discs in the series aren’t ready to be sent out yet, which is why I’m taking my time watching this one.

Bought a Korean-English dictionary from B&N yesterday and it sucks so bad. Its a pocket dictionary and most words I’ve looked up thus far are not in it. Plus, the Korean side is alphabetized by the romanizations and it makes it all the more difficult, since some most words in Korean are not so easy to sound out. I think I’m returning it tomorrow and ordering a decent one online.

Still struggling through that children’s book I borrowed from the library. I’m learning more about the word order and sentence structure while doing it though, so thats good.

It’s so difficult to cope with the fact that I will have a BASIC grip on the Korean language in 2-3 yrs, at best. I want to be fluent now :/ lol. At least its really fun to learn though and I have actual plans to visit and maybe work (as an English teacher) in Korea in the near future, which is exciting 🙂

안녕히 주무세요! (Good night!)


I have goodies :) 16/12/2010

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I just got back from the library with an armful of books and cds. I cleaned them out of all of their Korean language items, haha. I picked up:

  • Pimsleur Basic Korean
  • Colloquial Korean
  • Learn to Write Chinese (to learn Hanja to supplement my Hangul)
  • Teach Me…Korean (A book and CD program for children)
  • “The Rabbit’s Judgement” (Bilingual Korean/English picture book)

I’m psyched to get going! I think I’m going to ask for a English/Korean dictionary for Christmas, along with a few more Korean books. I can get music and movies/TV shows off the internet easy enough, but I like paper books.

Well, I’m off to read 😛  안녕히가세요!


목요일 이다

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Sorry, just trying out my days-of-the-week vocab. Also, its fun to write in 한글 🙂 I seriously find myself looking for excuses to use it- I’ve always been fascinated by the way it looks.  It’s twice as fun now that I can actually write it lol.

So, I’m thinking that I need a dictionary and a book written in Korean. My local library has a children’s book called “The Rabbit’s Judgement” that is bilingual, so I think I am going to check that out today. It would be better of course if it were only in Korean but this will have to do for now.

I’m mainly using the methods praised by my favorite bloggers, like Khatzumoto ( – All Japanese All The Time- link to this site is on my Blog Roll ) and others (but I really only follow him 🙂 ) and I’m trying to learn the language in the most basic way possible- like a child. I highly suggest checking his site out, even if you aren’t learning Japanese, because much of the information is helpful for other languages as well. He taught himself Japanese in just 18 months with no classes or textbooks- just listening to Japanese media, watching Japanese shows and movies, reading as much Japanese material as he could get his hands on and practicing his Japanese with native speakers; so basically immersing himself in the Japanese culture. Now he is completely fluent and doing the same thing, but to learn Cantonese.

This isn’t supposed to be a plug of his site, lol- I just have so much respect for him and I think its really inspiring to think that I could be fluent in Korean in under 2 years 🙂

I’m watching the movies and K-dramas, I’m listening to the music (Big Bang and SuperJunior FTW!), and I’m practicing my writing (now I just need a native speaker to converse with…) and now its time to practice my reading and build my vocab 🙂

So anyway, back to my original point, I need to find a good English-Korean dictionary. The free ones online are useless and frustrating to use so I might need to pony up the money and invest in my own. My library doesn’t have Korean dictionaries so boo 😦 I’m definitely stopping by there today to check out some Korean (/English 😦 ) books though and get my 한글 on 😛


한글 and other things 15/12/2010

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Its really amazing how simple the Hangul (한글) alphabet is. I’ve only been learning it for maybe a couple hours combined and I know consider myself rather fluent in it. Of course, I only understand a handful of words and phrases but I can effectively pronounce any word. There are a few characters that are a little more difficult than others; is a good example. is one of those characters that is used to form a lot of foreign words and it is a sound that isn’t really represented in the English language- almost like the rolling “r” in Spanish. At the beginning of the word, it is said to take on the sound of the foreign word, which is all fine and dandy if you know WHAT word it is supposed to be. Other sources I have found say that it is usually pronounced as “r” at the beginning of a word and as “l” at the end. In some instances, it is pronounced as a “d” sound in the middle of a word, and of course, if you have ㄹㄹin the middle of a word, they form an “l” sound. So that is quite confusing to me, to say the least. In fact, if anyone can further help me on that matter, it would be highly appreciated.

So I didn’t end up watching 분신사바 last night. I was too busy tweaking this blog but I’m about to watch it. I want to have it mailed back to Netflix by tomorrow so they will send me my first disc of “Be Strong, Geum-soon!” I’ve only seen clips of it on youtube so I’m super excited to get my first disc. I’m starting from the beginning and going through all 4 seasons, disc by disc.  I figure I can get through 1 disc per day, send it back the next day and get the next one within 2 days. So basically 4 days per disc so I can get through roughly 1 season a month (there are 7 discs in each season). I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my thoughts on this k-drama.

I’m sure I’ll update at least one more time today. For now, I’m off to watch 분신사바!