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Korean Food :) 19/12/2010

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Well, kinda. I had Ramen noodles for lunch (yes, I know, they are more of a crappy Japanese food than Korean but it was delicious nonetheless 😛 ) and I marinated some chicken in chili paste and red pepper flakes, mixed it with peas, and poured it on top of the Ramen. Very tasty 🙂

We have some pork loin in the freezer so I think I am going to make 돼지불고기 (Pork Bulgogi) for dinner tomorrow. Found a good recipe online and its something that even my non-Korean-food-loving family will enjoy. I mean, its just spicy pork with a side of veggies (and maybe some plain ramen noodles as well).

Speaking of (authentic) Korean food, there are actually a lot of restaurants that are within 20 minutes from my town and I have yet to try any of them out 😦 One of them is connected to a Korean grocery store, so I will definitely have to check that out, as no regular grocery stores in my area carry kimchi. All of the Korean restaurants around here have received glowing reviews so I’m super excited to give them my patronage. I’ll have to wait until my “adventurous-eater” friends are in town, lol.

I will post pics of my 돼지불고기 tomorrow night, for the one or two people who might be reading this blog 😛


2 Responses to “Korean Food :)”

  1. 서는 Says:

    Thanks! Be sure to check in either Monday night or Tuesday to see my finished pics of Dwaeji Bulgogi. I found Kimchi at the store today so I might pick some up to give a more “authentic” feel to the meal 🙂

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