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Listening Without Understanding 18/12/2010

Filed under: K-Dramas,Passive Learning,Ramblings — Shannon @ 10:54 pm
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I’m watching my first disc of “Be Strong, Geum-soon” and I’m watching it without the English subtitles.  Which means that other than a few greetings, I am understanding pretty much nothing lol. Its encouraging to me to think that  a lot of non-native English speakers actually learn English by watching soap operas in English; which I’m sure at first they don’t understand much. I think I might watch an entire episode, sans titles, and then re-watch it WITH English subtitles and then watch it again without subtitles. Then I will repeat that for each episode.

It sucks that I’m so impatient and that I feel like I should be fluent in a week because then I feel like a failure when I can’t correctly pronounce a word or understand a sentence. But as I’m watching this, I realize that I am understanding some other words and getting pretty excited 🙂 Plus, this looks like a fairly entertaining show thus far 🙂

Yay for passive learning! 😛


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