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The “Big Bang” & Other Theories ♫♩ 16/12/2010

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Finally, I am starting my venture into Korean music 🙂 Now, I am really more of a classic rock kinda girl but I know that Korean pop music, or “K-Pop”, is extremely popular and therefore, more available, so I decided to give it a shot. I started out by listening to some Big Bang, which caught my attention because they are a boy band and boy bands are my guilty pleasure (*ahem* Backstreet Boys ❤ ).  “Haru Haru” is probably my favorite song so far from them, and its almost entirely in Korean 🙂 I also love “Last Farewell” and “Lie”. If you search on youtube there are some videos with the Hangul lyrics and its fun to read along to the lyrics 🙂 They go wicked fast though- certainly way faster than my current skill of reading but that shall soon improve.

DBSK is also pretty good. I enjoy “Triangle” and “Why did I fall in love with you” but they seem to be a little slower than “”Big Bang”, which is alright; I just find that I like “Big Bang” a little better.

If you know of any other good K-Pop bands or singers, pleeeeeease let me know! Or better yet- if you know of any K-rock (is that even a thing? lol) bands out there, that would be GREATLY appreciated!


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