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I have goodies :) 16/12/2010

Filed under: Fun with 한글,Paraphernalia :P — Shannon @ 11:16 pm
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I just got back from the library with an armful of books and cds. I cleaned them out of all of their Korean language items, haha. I picked up:

  • Pimsleur Basic Korean
  • Colloquial Korean
  • Learn to Write Chinese (to learn Hanja to supplement my Hangul)
  • Teach Me…Korean (A book and CD program for children)
  • “The Rabbit’s Judgement” (Bilingual Korean/English picture book)

I’m psyched to get going! I think I’m going to ask for a English/Korean dictionary for Christmas, along with a few more Korean books. I can get music and movies/TV shows off the internet easy enough, but I like paper books.

Well, I’m off to read 😛  안녕히가세요!


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